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Frida Kahlo: Detrás del Espejo

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Author Biography. I understand por is a very versatile preposition with a whole range of meanings and nuances from through to around and from in to by. Detrás del espejo (Spanish Edition) eBook: Jose Carlos Botto Cayo: Kindle Store

However, right now, I am only interested in translating through. I am pretty sure they're not entirely interchangeable at all times. But can't put my finger on how. Would be great if you could quote examples where using one would be preferable over the other.

Barceló, detrás del espejo

Also, if there's any regional preference, would love to know that too. Since you are asking for quote examples when one is preferred over the other with the sense of through , here are a few of them:. If you use por , the implication would be that you know someone because of, or as a favour to someone else.

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The alternative Alicia por el espejo would have been meaningless because without context no one would ever think you can pass through a mirror. Pasar por usually means "to pass by" or "to pay a visit". That's all I can think of right now.

Alicia A Través Del Espejo Disney (2016) Nuevo Tráiler Oficial #2 Español

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