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For example, at 5 30 am in the early morning when I take my dog for a walk I have many times felt sluggish both mentally and physically. For example, say you are working in a call center, and you have a work shift where you logout at 5 a.

Likewise, say you have an early morning shift. After you finish a workout, the body takes a longtime to calm down. Endorphins and other chemicals are released during vigorous physical activity to make you more alert and energetic.

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Your body is also slow to fully cool down and calm down after exercise. Until your body cools down, you will be fighting an uphill battle trying to relax and sleep. In fact, exercise can cause your core temperature to be increased for four or five hours after working out, which also acts contrarily to induce sleep. Lastly, although science, as stated above, confirms on the contrary, and though my personal best lifts were in the evening, I enjoy the morning workouts more.

See a Problem?

I am not suggesting that you will not feel better because of endorphin hormone if you perform physical activity in the evening. Somehow, the pleasant feeling in the early morning counts more. I believe, what also unfolds is not whether you are adhering to scientific laws, but the sense of wellbeing, which you feel.

What is the take home message? Learn to respect your body; thereby, heeding to the body clock. However, what matters more is the mental well-being than the physical aspect. So, physical training is not only performed for aesthetic purposes but also for mental peace.

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You are asked in the gym to execute various warm up drills pre-workout. This in turn reduces the hydration of the vertebral discs. So, you are not at risk if you are performing workouts in the early morning, henceforth. Maybe you envision some kind of cheesy hippie orgy, or a call to return to an imaginary primal harmony when cavepeople held hands and sang to the Grateful Dead and bongo drums.

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For instance, the field of psychoneuroendocrinology explores the relationships between our environment, our hormones, and our cognitive-emotional states. We put ourselves under chronic physical stress by eating fake food, by smoking, by forcing our bodies into schedules that conflict with natural light-dark cycles, by remaining immobile for long periods of time.

These effects are real and measurable. Yet recent studies demonstrate that simply getting out into more natural environments such as a park and being physical can reverse these deleterious effects — the more we walk, the smarter we get. Close your eyes for a few seconds as you walk — notice how other senses immediately jump to be more relevant?

What hope for humanity's predicament? what can we do?

Hear those birds that you were ignoring a few moments ago? Feel that breeze? One of the core concepts of EA is joy — joy in our birthright of movement. Change Your Body, Change the World is both an argument against a fitness-industrial complex who has tried to steal our playfulness and physical selves, and an argument for embracing the richness of human experience as the foundation of our physical practice.

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